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Reclaimed Oak Beams

    We buy, sell and restore reclaimed oak beams.

    Selling reclaimed oak beams to us.

    To sell us your reclaimed oak beams you can either bring them down to the yard or we can collect. In the first instance it always helps if we could see a picture of the beams. Then we can assess how suitable they are and offer a fair valuation. Prices vary depending on the condition but we can buy based on weight, volume (usually per cubic meter) or on a job lot basis. Anything is considered, any condition, any size from 4ft to 50ft and payment is always immediate.

    Buying beams from us.

    We always carry a large stock of reclaimed oak beams in various sizes and styles, with over 50 tons of old beams always on stock. We can sell them "as is" (see top pictures on this page) but usually our customers prefer them to be cleaned (see pictures to the left). We have a lot of experience cleaning reclaimed oak beams and over the years have developed a considerable skill set in this field. This initially involves a high powered blast clean, to remove any debris or sap wood. This transforms the beam revealing its true character. Further work is optional, please see below.


    Once the beam is cleaned it can be further enhanced by our team of restorers. Unlike newer beams, you wouldn’t normally plane and sand a reclaimed oak beam. The trick is to bring out the natural character, maintain the aged look, but at the same time achieve a relatively smooth finish. This isn’t easy. The surface of a reclaimed oak beam is much more uneven than a newer beam, but with a range of specially adapted tools and a fair degree of skill, our team can make even the oldest and odd shaped beams look stunning.